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Swiss implant

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

is one of the most reliable brands in dental industry with its innovative solutions, unique surface design and high quality.


Following calcium phosphate sanding, the surface of the implants is roughened using Double Acid Etching.

Implantswiss SRA surface has a precisely balanced surface roughness that is perfectly compatible with the bone morphology. It is a special implant design with cylindirical (straight) design on the neck area and conical (tapered) design on the apical of the implant. Platform Switching avoids irritation and sensitization around the cervical bone by moving the connection between implant and abutment away from bone surface.

Implantswiss Implants with Switch Platform System are safer against bacteria and more hygienic; and have a longer life. Special thread design that does not transfer stress to the bone.

The special thread design provides ideal primary stability on every type of bone without transferring stress to the bone. The implant can guide itself in the bone with its self cutting edges. More hygienic, increased protection for the neck area with no micro threads.

The microthreadless neck structure avoids the colonization of bacterial plaque in the neck area and creates a more hygenic environment.

This protects the cervical bone and provides periodontologic advantages in the long term. Contact us now via whatsapp for any questions you may have.

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